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StateDept: #SecClinton at #CGI2012: We m

StateDept: #SecClinton at #CGI2012: We must think and act innovatively and be willing to change ourselves.

@wadhwa: Apple has become a behemoth, but definitely hasn’t peaked–YET — my Forbes column #Singularityu

@eMarketer says holiday ecommerce sales in US are expected to grow 17%. What’s your plan this Q4? #holidayshopping

Schumer Courts Tech Scene with BRAINS Act to Help Startups Hire Foreign-Born Workers

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Today, Senator Charles Schumer popped up to New York City for a visit to General Assembly and an announcement: Tomorrow he plans to introduce new legislation to the Senate–the snappily-named BRAINS Act–in an attempt to help alleviate the tech talent crunch by making it easier for startups to hire foreign-born workers.

“The bill will fix America’s broken high-skilled immigration problem,” he promised, by providing 55,000 new green cards available annually for foreign students graduating from US universities with advanced STEM degrees.

Everywhere he goes, said Senator Schumer, business leaders cite the lack of technical talent as their number one challenge. “With the introduction and hopefully the passage of the BRAINS Act, we’re going to move closer to ensuring a more vibrant future for Americans not even born yet,” he promised.

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Someone at Foursquare Made a Goofy Tumblr of Engineering Jokes


What about Gowalla+Facebook integration, is it going to happen or just killed the product?

Post by Marcelo Ballona

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Guys, we’re so glad Twitter is back. How else would we find things like this little gem, tweeted out yesterday by Foursquare engineer ringleader Harry Heymann with the observation, “I think the heat in nyc melted the brains of the @foursquare eng team.” It’s #WhatShould4sqCallMe, a Tumblr devoted wholly to the trials and travails of his own staff. And while we don’t have confirmation, the call is presumably, as they say, coming from inside the house.

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Add your thoughts here… (optional)Marcelo Ballona I agree to some points, but the World is not limited to the Silicon Valley, we all need to have this clear on our minds. Mayor Mike Bloomberg is doing a terrific job helping Accelerators to establish themselves in New York, Telefonica’s initiative with Wayra is doing all the heavy lifting and great execution in Europe and Latin America, so there is a lot of noise, but there is music too. Common sense shall set you free!

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In the world of startup accelerators, TechStars and Y Combinator are arguably top dogs. Each receives thousands of eager applicants every year, and only accepts an elite percentage of companies into their inner circles. But of course, with the success of the TechStars/Y Combinator models comes a slew of copycat accelerators that may lack the credentials and experience to actually help their applicants.

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